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  • Assad: We’ll retaliate against Israeli airstrike

    Assad: We’ll retaliate against Israeli airstrike

    Caption goes here.DVIDSHUB / Foter.com / CC BY Bashar Assad vowed that Syria would retaliate against Israel for an airstrike on a weapons convoy in the Damascus area last month, which foreign news outlets attributed to the IDF. “Retaliation does not mean missile for missile or bullet for bullet. Our own way does not have to be announced,” the Syrian president said in a televised interview with The Sunday Times. Assad told the British [...]

  • Kurdish Deputies Meet Öcalan on Imrali Island

    Kurdish Deputies Meet Öcalan on Imrali Island

    A delegation of 3 deputies from Peace and Democracy Party met PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan on Imrali island yesterday as part of the ongoing peace talks between Turkey and PKK. In early morning yesterday, Peace and Democracy Party deputies Pervin Buldan, Sırrı Süreya Önder and Altan Tan reached the island by a Coast boat of Coastal Security Directorate that left from Ataköy Marina in Istanbul. Kurdish deputies reportedly carried along [...]

  • Turkish-Greek economic ties expand despite debt crisis

    Turkish-Greek economic ties expand despite debt crisis

    The Turkish market has become a major export destination for crisis-stricken Greece, as Greek companies find it harder to sell in the domestic market due to worsening financial conditions of the average Greek household. Greek exports to Turkey surged to $3.5 billion (2.6 billion euros) in 2012 from $1.1 billion in 2009, according to Turkstat data. During this period, the average year-on-year increase of Greek exports hovered around 50 percent, [...]


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PA mourns death of ‘loyal friend’

Middle East March 12, 2013 at 12:26 am 0 comments

The Palestinian Authority has extended its condolence to the Venezuelan people over the death of President Hugo Chavez. A Wednesday report carried by the Palestinian news agency Maan, quoted senior Fatah official Nabil Shaath as saying that “Palestine says goodbye to a loyal friend who passionately defended our right to freedom and self determination. “His contribution to the cause of dignity had no borders and reached the hearts and minds [...]

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Syrian rebels: Treating UN peacekeepers like ‘guests’

Syrian rebels: Treating UN peacekeepers like ‘guests’

Middle East March 12, 2013 at 12:24 am 0 comments

The rebels who kidnapped 21 UN peacekeepers in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights said on their Facebook page Thursday that the act was meant to stop the Syrian army’s attacks on rebels and civilians. The rebels said they were treating the captured Filipino peacekeepers like guests, but manila is demanding their immediate release and has called their detention “illegal.” Rami Abdelrahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted a [...]

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Egypt’s tunnel closures hit Gaza builders

Egypt’s tunnel closures hit Gaza builders

Middle East March 12, 2013 at 12:22 am 0 comments

Business was booming for Gaza brick-maker Yasser Qreqea, until neighbouring Egypt shut down smuggling tunnels across its border that were funnelling arms to militants in the territory and cement and other basic goods to everyone else. Overnight the price of building materials soared in the Gaza Strip, hitting Qreqea’s key customers and, industry sources said, slowing the construction of apartments, roads and houses across the enclave run by Hamas Islamists. [...]

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Civilian shot, two policemen stabbed in Port Said clashes

North Africa March 12, 2013 at 12:19 am 0 comments

One person was shot in the head and two low-ranking police officers were stabbed during ongoing clashes in Port Said near its security directorate on Tuesday afternoon, reported Ahram Arabic news website. Clashes intensified again when three Central Security Forces (CSF) vehicles arrived at the vicinity of the directorate and fired teargas at the groups gathering there. They in turn started throwing stones at the security forces. According to the [...]

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Obama’s Israel trip: It’s Iran, stupid!

Central Asia, Middle East March 8, 2013 at 5:35 am 0 comments

Much of the U.S. media that’s written about Pres. Obama’s upcoming visit to Israel (next month) has focused on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  This narrative says Obama is coming to jump-start negotiations or reaffirm his commitment to finding common ground between the parties. While Galey Tzahal reports (Hebrew and English summaryhere) Bibi’s remarks indicating the president is coming to discuss the Palestinians, Syria and Iran; it makes clear that Iran is the 800 lb. [...]

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Syrian source: Rebels no threat to Israel

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Al-Jazeera English: Syrian families pay to retrieve fallen relatives

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